General overview of the user interface

The user interface of VISUAL PLANNING provides access to all features of the tool, subject to the rights of the user.

The main window looks like this:

c.f. Main window

Use of the mouse

Drag & drop

The moving of graphical objects on the planner is done by dragging them with the mouse (hold down the left button, move, and release).

cf. Shifting

Right button

The right button is reserved exclusively for the display of contextual “pop-up” menus.

You can use it on:

  • Objects (e.g. an event or resource).
  • An empty area of the planner.
  • A column header.

cf. Context menu

Left button

The left button is used for all the other functions:

  • Selecting an object.
  • Choosing a command.
  • Moving a graphical element.
  • Etc.

By extension, documentation VISUAL PLANNING uses the term Click to describe left-click functionality.

c.f. Selection

Double click

The double click is used for accessing certain functions more quickly.

There is mostly a contextual menu that duplicates this function.

Keyboard-mouse combinations

  • Ctrl + left click: selects several objects (resources, events, items in a drop-down list, etc.).
  • Shift + left click: selects a whole interval or rectangle from the previously selected object (this selection spreads horizontally, vertically or diagonally if these are events).
  • Shift + Drag an event: duplicates this event and drops the copy at the chosen place on the planner; the initial event remains where it was.
  • Alt + Drag from one event to another: does not move the event, but instead creates a link between this event and the event on which you release the mouse cursor. Links are described in a specific section.
  • Ctrl + Drag from one resource to an event, according to events hierarchies:
    • Assigns the resource to the event.
    • Replace the resource assigned by the selected resource.
    • Create a son event.
  • Ctrl + C: copies a selection.
  • Ctrl + X: cuts a selection.
  • Ctrl + V: pastes a selection.
  • Ctrl + A: selects all the events or all the resources of the view.
  • Ctrl + E: opens the properties window of the selected events or resources.
  • Ctrl + R: opens the edition window in order to add another resource.
  • Shift + Del: deletes the selection without going through the warning message.
  • Shift + Insert: pastes a selection into a single choice list.
  • Ctrl + Space on a text heading: this is to visualize the list of existing values for this heading.
  • Alt + Right and Alt + Left or Alt + Wheel on the header of the schedule view : changes the width of columns in the view without changing the time scale.
  • Ctrl + Wheel on the header of the schedule view: changes time scale of the view.
  • F5: refreshes the view.
  • Left and Right arrow keys: Scrolls schedule and resources view to the left or right.
  • Ctrl + Drag from one resource to the schedule of another resource: copy-past all events from the first resource to the second.
  • Ctrl + S: Save the current favorite display.
  • Ctrl + Shift + S: Save a new favorite display.

Multiple selections and operations

Many functions of Visual Planning can be applied simultaneously to several objects: events, resources of the same dimension.

To do this, first make a multiple selection using the mouse and the Shift and/or Ctrl keys, then click with the right button on one of the selected objects and apply the desired command. It will apply, in the same way, individually to each selected object.

cf. Selection

Information and command bars

The interface is controlled by the following command and information bars:

Quick access bar

This bar, at the top of the screen, provides access to particular features: cancellation, refresh and appearance management.

c.f. Quick access bar

Depending on the configuration VISUAL PLANNING has two possibilities of displaying menu bar:

  • Standard version:

This menu is divided into blocks containing sub menus. It provides access to many features.

  • Smart toolbar (VISUAL PLANNING 5.3 version):

You can select which version your planner will be using inside ADMIN CENTER and planner configuration.

c.f. Menu bar

Status bar

This bar, at the bottom of the screen, shows the number of users currently connected to this planner, as well as the date and time.

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