It is necessary to set up each planner before being able to use it.

The setting is unique for each planner. One may however use several planners with different customization on a VISUAL PLANNING installation.

Setting up involves all the functions which define how the planner is adapted to users' needs. During set-up the main entities which are used in the planning process are defined, especially the Dimensions containing the Resources that can be:

  • Staff.
  • Customers.
  • Machines.
  • Tasks.
  • Projects.
  • Sites.
  • Etc.

These entities, as well as the headings which set out the structure are the basic and permanent elements for setting up a planner.

Other less basic elements can be defined at the design stage of the planner or added later:

Filters, views and favorites displays complement this setting to obtain the simplicity needed for everyday use of the tool.

These features are very important because they provide significant time saving in planning.

The setup functions are to be found in the general settings menu.


VISUAL PLANNING is easy to use immediately through the data management (mainly resources and events).

These data are defined by the settings. It allows to structure the architecture of VISUAL PLANNING as for example:

  • CRM Management.
  • Inventory Management.
  • Construction Sites Management.
  • Project Management.
  • Customer Service & Maintenance Management.
  • Fleet Management.
  • HR Management.
  • Etc.

During the put up of VISUAL PLANNING, the step of setting is constitutive of the tool.

Entities related to the setting must be handled with care. Their importance should not be overlooked.

In the documentation, yellow banners of this type indicate the entities to handle cautiously:

The modification of this entity involves an important change in the planner's architecture.
It is a powerful act of setting which should not be made without consideration.
(c.f. precautions to take when modifying the settings)

Features impacted by these advice

All of the entities defining the structure are impacted:

This warning message is not displayed for all data manipulations in VISUAL PLANNING.

Feature not impacted by these advice

The life cycle of the planner does not normally require modifications of the settings.

These features are not concerned by this advice:

These entities are updated everyday by the users.

Throughout the login session of a planner, it is always possible to cancel an entry via the undo feature.

This relates only to data changes and not to changes in settings.


The setting is the most sensitive activity and causes the most important impact on planner use. Thus, it will reach the objectives of simplicity and cost effectiveness of the Visual Planning application.

This setting requires an understanding of the features of Visual Planning, to make the best of it.

A consulting service can be useful and even indispensable to define the best configuration for your needs.

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