Functional differences between 4.4 and 5.X

Visual Planning 4.4 functionalities aren't valid in Visual Planning 5.X

  • Public and private alarms
  • Statistics
  • Visualization of event reports without saving them
  • Events states (prevent edition of a realised event)
  • Printing configuration (scale, headers list…)
  • Permanent filters
  • Resources Note feature (option « Copy note in the event »)
  • Modules
    • Workload Export
    • ICAL Invitation
    • Manual ICS Import
    • Manual ICS Export

Changes in functionalities

  • Favorite Displays (duration bar text always visible,…)
  • No planning limits per view anymore
  • Possibility to add logos when printing
  • New links features (time gaps)
  • User Rights Management
  • Event reports
  • Icons management

Auto Conversion from 4.4 to 5.X : not converted elements

All above features and

  • User rights management (allocation of groups to planners and permissions)
  • Private Favorite Displays are lost
  • Private filters are lost
  • Private Highlightings are lost
  • Private Event reports and some public ones
  • Import and export configuration
  • Modules
    • Workloads
    • Emails Configuration
    • SMS Configuration
    • VP mobile Configuration
    • Mailmerge Configuration
    • Agenda Configuration
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