Setup VP ONE


VISUAL PLANNING ONE is the stand-alone version of VISUAL PLANNING.

This installation of VISUAL PLANNING ONE must be performed directly on the user’s PC.

Be aware of the updating procedure for VISUAL PLANNING ONE, see Update VISUAL PLANNING ONE.


This is the offline version of Visual Planning and was developed for desktop and laptop computers (single station).

  • Hardware Requirement
    • Central Processing Unit (CPU): INTEL Processor / AMD 2 GHz or faster
    • Random Access Memory (RAM): 512 MB minimum for (WINDOWS XP SP2, SP3) and 2GB or higher for (WINDOWS VISTA all versions, WINDOWS 7, 8 all versions)
    • Free Hard disk (HD) space: 100 MB minimum
  • Software
    • MICROSOFT MDAC 2.8. The package is preinstalled on all the following MICROSOFT WINDOWS Operating Systems: XP, VISTA, 7 and later versions..

The maintenance and the support are only guaranteed in a PC environment. This version cannot be used in a TSE/CITRIX environment.


VISUAL PLANNING ONE is the stand-alone version of VISUAL PLANNING.

It cannot be ran on a server.

To install it, your WINDOWS profile must be allowed to make software installations.

To start the VISUAL PLANNING ONE setup program, it is required to run the vp53one.exe file.

Then, the window below comes up:

Choose Next to continue.

The following window presents the licensing agreement.

It is required to read the license conditions of use. If terms are refused, the installation process will stop.

Choose Next to continue.

The following window comes up:

It is preferable not to change the default suggested path, especially if the computer is using MICROSOFT WINDOWS VISTA or 7.

Nevertheless, if the set up location must be changed, it’s required to keep the directory name Visual Planning One 5.3.

Choose Next to continue.

Choose Next to continue.

  • Choose Next to continue.
  • Or if the information displayed in this window is irrelevant, press Back to modify it.

Choose Finish to finish the set up.

VISUAL PLANNING will start automatically to enter the license recording phase.

  • To test the product, press OK to continue. The application will be open in the evaluation mode.
  • To validate the product acquisition, press Commercial Version option.

Then choose OK

It is required to enter the serial number of VISUAL PLANNING ONE license in the Serial number field.

  • If the computer has an internet connection, you just have to press OK.
  • Otherwise, you have to select Get the activation code by phone option and contact the support service by phone communicating :
    • The serial number
    • And the install code which is displayed below the serial number.

The activation code will then be provided by one of our after-sales consultants.


Note : To move VISUAL PLANNING ONE to another computer, you must absolutely uninstall it and write down the uninstall code. This code is essential for the reinstallation.

To uninstall VISUAL PLANNING, just go to the Start > Programs > Visual Planning One 5.2 menu.

Then click on Uninstall Visual Planning One.

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