This document describes how proceed to update minor versions of VISUAL PLANNING ENTERPRISE 5.3.

This document does not concern the major updates.

The Builds are optional and are only available if the maintenance is current.

Updating VISUAL PLANNING requires that the initial installation has taken place : cf. Setup VISUAL PLANNING ENTERPRISE


Make sure VISUAL PLANNING ENTERPRISE is version 5.3 of the software (for earlier versions: Make sure the Visual Planning software is not open on any computer.


To download the update, open an Internet browser and go Here,or click on the picture below.

Enter the serial number in the space provided. This number is provided upon delivery of VISUAL PLANNING.

Download the proposed VISUAL PLANNING file.

The file name should be similar to ip53_160307.vpu.

The downloaded file should be stored in the Update directory on the server.


C: / STILOG / VP Enterprise 5.3 / update


To install the update, it is necessary to stop the VP service in the service manager.

Make sure that the VPU file is stored in the Update directory on the server. Example:

C: / STILOG / VP Enterprise 5.3 / update

If there is a “dumb” file in the update folder, Please delete it and replace it with the ip53_151125.vpu.

Restart the VPS service in the service manager.

Launch Visual Planning 5.3, and you should see a different build number at the top right of VP screen.

Special case J2EE

VISUAL PLANNING ENTERPRISE version under Tomcat and other J2EE servers based on TOMCAT (JONAS, JBOSS …).
The installation procedure of the update is different.
The instance vplanning must be stopped on the server.
Unzip the file ip53_151125.vpu (as if it were a * .ZIP file), replace the existing files in the folder:

/ Webapps / vplanning

Restart the instance vplanning on the server.

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