Icon Album


The Icon Album is the set of icons available for resources and events.

This album is organized by category.


The album of icons is set up with the Menu bar at the top of the main window.

By clicking on the panel Icon Album (cf. Visualizing album), the block Icon Album is activated in the menu Edition:


Add a category

To add a new Icons category in the album, just Left-Click on the album > Menu Edition > Album > Add

The following window appears:


Then enter:

  • a Name
  • a Description

The new category is immediately seen in the Album:


Delete a category

To delete a category, simply left-click on the album, then Edit Menu Edition > Album > Delete.

Import one or more icons

To import icons, left-click on the album, then Edition Menu> Album> Import.

To import,the file formats that are accepted are: *. zip, *. PNG, *. GIF, *. BMP, *. JPG

Two cases exist:

Import of one icon

The file must be in the following format: *.PNG, *.GIF, *.BMP ou *.JPG

The import create the icon in the first category (actions by default).

Import of several icons

The file must be in the following format: *.ZIP and must contain pictures in the formats *.PNG, *.GIF, *.BMP ou *.JPG

The import create a new category named like the file *.ZIP which contains the set of icons.

Export icons

Icons of a category of the album can be exported as *. PNG.

This export takes place as follows:

Click on Export> Select category

A window is opened, where you must select the directory where you want to export the icons.

Create a new icon

  • Left click on the icon, then Menu Edition > Album > Add > Select a category

The window of icons creation appears:

The drawing tools available are :

  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Fill Action
  • Line
  • Rectangle
  • Text Action
  • Clear Action
  • Color
  • Preview

Duplicate an icon

  • Left click on an icon, then Menu Edition > Général > Duplicate

A new icon is then created in the same album.

Modify an icon

  • Left click on an icon, then Menu Edition > Général > Modify


  • Double-clic on icon

The edition window opens:

Then, the icon can be modified with the same tools than those of the creation of a new icon.

Change the icon category

To change the category of an icon, just drag and drop the icon from another category.


Visualize the album

Menu settings > Windows > Icon album


The dedicated panel appears:


Assign an icon to a resource

Two ways are available:

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