Hourly Calendar


Hourly calendar is a part of the schedule. It can be made by one or more hourly patterns.

It defines a schedule configuration for a resource.

A Hourly calendar is composed of working and/or non-working time.

The Hourly calendar also allows the visual representation of the different types of periods for the schedule.

For example: the grey colour for night hours.


To create Hourly calendar, create the hourly patterns that constitute it.


Create a Hourly Calendar

Create a Hourly calendar

In the Global Settings panel > Right Click on calendar > Create Hourly calendar.

The lower part is activated:


Details of the Hourly calendar have to be completed, then confirm by clicking on OK button.

These settings are also accessible by another entry point (cf. Global settings).

Characteristics of Hourly calendars are the following:


This is the Hourly calendar name.


This is the Hourly calendar optional description.


This is the Hourly calendar last modification hour and the user login who had made the last change.

It is an automaticaly update information.

Default Hourly Pattern

For each day of the week, this is the hourly pattern that will be taken if no other additional hourly pattern is added.

When adding a specific Hourly pattern, the default pattern will be applied when the additionnal template is not precised on periods.

Specific Hourly Patterns

These patterns are used to modify the calendar in order to replace the default pattern of the schedule during a defined period.

They are defined in another window made of period lists which have specific hourly patterns ordered by priority.

To access them, simply click on the right button:


The following window opens:


Over one year, a Hourly calendar can be edited for each day.

You can change year thanks to the list in the upper left corner.

As for events, it is possible to:

  • Drag and drop hourly calendars on periods,
  • Extend them,
  • Reduce them.

By right-clicking on the calendar, you can:

  • Modify,
  • Repeat,
  • Assign,
  • Cancel.

Create a non-working hourly calendar

It is not possible to create a hourly calendar which is entirely non worked.

To avoid that, the following message appears when validating the calendar:

Modify a Hourly Calendar

The modification of a Hourly Calendar involves an important change in the planner's architecture.

It is a powerful act of setting which should not be made without consideration. (cf. precautions to take when modifying the settings)

It is possible to modify a calendar:

  • either in the Global settings (cf. create a Hourly calendar),
  • either (schedule view)via a drag and drop on a calendar or on a pattern period on a resource at a given date.

The modification of a calendar can still be canceled if VISUAL PLANNING remained open. Events are then returned to their original position. (cf. Undo / Redo|)

Delete a Hourly Calendar

The deletion of a Hourly Calendar involves an important change in the planner's architecture.

It is a powerful act of setting which should not be made without consideration. (cf. precautions to take when modifying the settings)

Deleting a calendar can be done via the Global Settings panel by selecting the calendar schedule and then performing a Right click on the calendar> Delete .

You can not delete a default Hourly Calendar.

Deleting a Hourly Calendar is irreversible.


Assign a Hourly Calendar to a dimension

Each dimension have a default Hourly Calendar.

This calendar is defined for each resource of a dimension if there is no other calendar defined.

To assign this calendar, go into dimension's settings.

cf. dimension's Hourly Calendar

Assign a Hourly Calendar to a resource

Each resource have a default Hourly Calendar.

It is the default one assigned to the dimension.

It is possible to select a different calendar for each resource.

There are several ways to proceed:

  • By a Drag and Drop,
  • In the properties window of the resource,
  • In the context menu of the resource.

cf. Modify the calendar of a resource

Assign a Hourly Calendar to a creation rule

Each event follows the Hourly Calendar of one of its resources.

The event creation rule permits to specify the dimension (and so the resource) that lead the Hourly Calendar.

Resources of the chosen dimension will define the event's Hourly Calendar, even if a resource changes.

cf. Creation rule calendar

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