Each icon is an image which size is 16 * 16 pixels. The color palette can extends over 16 million possible colors.

VISUAL PLANNING supports the possible pixel transparency.

Icons are linked to resources.

Thus, each resource can have an icon.

They are displayed in views and duration bar representing events.


A resource can have an icon or not depending on the setting of its belonging dimension.

When setting up each Dimension, define the type of icon used by it.

The choices are:

  • None: in this case, no resources of the dimension has an icon.
  • Icon: in this case, the resources of the dimension will all have an icon that can be selected from the icon album. This icon may be different for each resource.
  • Heading: in this case, resources will all have an icon automatically generated with part of content of a heading.

cf. Setting up a dimension

Icon album

Icons are configured in Icon album. It permits to:

  • Create, modify and delete icons,
  • Identify icons into defined categories.

For each dimension, you can define its resources using the album icons.

Thus, go to General Settings > Dimension > icon

Then, choose Icon, in the drop-down list.

The icon album opens to allow the selection of a default icon.

cf. Icon Album

Icon according to a heading

It is possible to use an existing heading to create an icon.

For this, go to General Settings > Dimension > icon

Then, choose Heading, in the drop-down list.

The following window appears:

Then, define the characteristics of this icon, and click on OK.

These characteristics are:

Background color

Choose the background color of the icon.

Keeping empty makes the background color transparent.

Font color

Choose the font color of the icon.


Choose the heading that is used to create the icon

Choosing a Resource Heading assign the icon of the “dependent” resource

Number of characters

This is the number of characters to create the icon.

This number may be: 1, 2, 4 or 6.

Number of characters Example
1 vp5_en_icon_heading_example_1.jpg
2 vp5_en_icon_heading_example_2.jpg
4 vp5_en_icon_heading_example_4.jpg
6 vp5_en_icon_heading_example_6.jpg



Modify the icon of a resource

If the dimension allows to have an icon (c.f. definition of the icon when setting up a dimension), it is then possible to choose an icon for each resource.

  • Right lick on a resource selection > Modify > Setting

c.f. Modify a resource

Modify a resource icon by drag'n'drop

It is possible to add an icon to a resource or modify an existing one. drag'n'drop.

This feature is only available in a resource view.

Visualize the resource icon

It is available in: schedule view and resource view.

Visualize the event icon

It is available in schedule view, diary view and events view.

The management of this visualization is done through duration bar.

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