Quick access bar


The Quick Access bar is located on the left top of the screen.

It allows to access to different usual functions in term of appearance and functioning.



This menu allows to access to the following functionalities:


This button allows to refresh eventual updates from other users.

cf. Refresh

Undo / Redo


These buttons allows to undo / redo the modifications that were done by an user during a VISUAL PLANNING session.

cf. Undo / Redo

Favorite displays

This button allows to access to all the favorite displays that the user can see, by a single click.


Show / Hide the Menu bar

It allows to open or close the visualization of the Menu bar.

Hide all views

This functionality allows to close all the opened views.


It concerns the language of the interface. It can be chosen between the following languages:

  • Default
  • Français
  • English-US
  • English-UK
  • Deutsch
  • Español
  • Italiano


It concerns the color of the interface. It can be chosen between the following skins:

Dark Office vp5_barre_menu_accesrapide_apparence_darkside.jpg Nebula vp5_barre_menu_accesrapide_apparence_nebula.jpg
Silver Office vp5_barre_menu_accesrapide_apparence_silveroffice.jpg NebulaBrickWall vp5_barre_menu_accesrapide_apparence_nebulabrickwall.jpg
Blue Office vp5_barre_menu_accesrapide_apparence_blueoffice.jpg Sahara vp5_barre_menu_accesrapide_apparence_sahara.jpg
Business vp5_barre_menu_accesrapide_apparence_business.jpg MistSilver vp5_barre_menu_accesrapide_apparence_mistsilver.jpg
Creme vp5_barre_menu_accesrapide_apparence_creme.jpg AquaSilver vp5_barre_menu_accesrapide_apparence_aquasilver.jpg
Moderate vp5_barre_menu_accesrapide_apparence_moderate.jpg

This property is saved in favorite display

cf. color

Show / Hide the Menu bar

This functionality allows to run VISUAL PLANNING in windowed mode.

Showing the Menu bar will load the following interface :

Hiding the Menu bar will load the following interface :

To enable this functionality VISUAL PLANNING must be relaunched.

Refresh delay

This is the automatic time for updating window:

It can be :

  • 1 minute
  • 2 minutes
  • 5 minutes
  • 10 minutes
  • 15 minutes
  • 30 minutes
  • 1 heure

This delay functions in addition to the manual refreshment.

Change password

This functionality allows to change the password of the connected user.

By choosing Change password, the following window comes up:

The user should fill the fields with the previous and the new password.


This menu displays the properties of the session and allow to view the Client log display.

The following window comes up:

This window contains two tabs:

  • Settings
  • Additional modules

It also contains three buttons and a checkbox:

  • Show log
  • Send log …
  • Check for update
  • Check for an update on startup

cf. Client log display and build

Settings tab

  • This tab display the following informations:
  • Serial number and Build
  • Location of the installation of VISUAL PLANNING
  • Type of database
  • Version of Java
  • Information system and memory
  • Windows Session

Additional modules tab

This tab is convenient only for version ENTERPRISE

This tab display the list of installed modules. For each module, there are:

  • The module name,
  • The Build number of this module,
  • The license number of this module,
  • Validate the planner and functional prerequisites for this module.
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