Main Screen


The VISUAL PLANNING Main Screen provides access to all features of the tool. It is according to user rights.



Quick Access Toolbar

The Quick Access bar is located on the left top of the screen.

It allows to access to different usual functions in term of appearance and functioning.


The Menu bar can be seen in the Main Screen.

Horizontally oriented, it breaks down into sub menus containing blocks.

The visibility of the blocks depends on the element previously selected and on the users'rights.

These blocks disappear when the user's rights forbid their use.

The elements of the blocks are gray-colored when they are incongruous.

cf. Menu bar


The windows which can be moved, handled in the planner are:

  1. Customizable views allow you to see resources and events in several ways :
  2. The management window for Global settings
  3. The management window for Icon album

The layout of these windows are very customizable. (cf. Layout view)

Other windows exist in the tool but are visible only on user action:

  • Warning, constraint and information messages.
  • Event, resource and link wibndows

Status Bar

Located under the schedule, this bar shows:

  • the name of the favorite display
  • the name of the group of the user,
  • the installed modules
  • the number of connected users
  • the current date and time

Favorite display

This is the name of the Favorite display.


By positioning the cursor on the group icon, a tooltip comes up with the installed groups. An orange lock shows the appartenance to a group.

If the user is using the “admin” login or if he is connected as a planner administrator, there is no orange lock. No permission are applied.


By positioning the cursor on the module icon, a tooltip comes up with the installed modules.

  • If the planning meets the requirements of the module, its name is black.
  • If the planning does not meet the requirements of the module, its name is red.


Double clic on the blue icon about the connected users.

A new window appears with all the connected users and their characteristics.

Contextual menus

When you Right click on an item in the main screen, a context menu appears.

This menu allows quick access to actions permitted by this object.


cf. Context menus

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