Use a Diary View

Header of a Diary View

The header of a Diary view has several important features:

  • The name of the view,
  • The name of the resources filter that is active,
  • The name of the events filter.

Create an event in a diary view

As for the schedule view and the events view, it is possible to create an event in a diary view.

This requires:

  • Either make a Double-click on the view
  • Either make a Drag and drop from another view.

<note important> If the display mode is not the month, then every event created in a diary view is hourly.

This applies even if the event creatoin rule is defined with a daily type.. </ note>

Diary view layout

The Diary view fits in the Main window as the other views.

c.f Layout of the views

As for others views, it is possible to print a diary view.

cf. Printing

Favorite display

As the other views, a Diary view can be register in a favorite display.

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