Use an Events View

Header of an Events View

The header of a view has several important features:

  • The name of the view
  • The name of the filter resource that is active
  • The name of the event resource that is active
  • The period

Event view description

Context menu

A user can operate severals actions by context menu of a resources view.

Context menu on event

This menu is accessible by right-clicking on an event.

Context menu on heading

This menu is accessible by right-clicking on headings header.

  • Sort: cf. Sort
  • Fit width: Adjust the width of the column or all depending on the number of characters
  • Header height: Adjust the height of the column : twice, third or forth the normal size
  • Filter resources: Resources filter
  • Use AutoFilters: cf. Autofilter
  • Filter events: cf. Events Filter
  • Choose period: cf. Time period
  • Filter resources from others dimensions: cf.Resources filter
  • View all: it displays all the events
  • Print: cf. Print
  • Modify display settings: cf. Events view

Context menu on view

This menu is accessible by right-clicking on view header.

Events view Layout

The Events view is laying out into the Main Screen as the other views.

cf. Layout of the views

Event sort

It is possible to sort the event with their visible column in the left part of the event

cf. Sort

Events view printing

As for others views, you can print the events view.

cf. Printing

Favorite display

Like the other views, an Event reports view can be registered into a favorite display.

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