Use an Events Report View

Header of a Events report view

The header of a view has several important features:

  • The name of the view
  • The name of the events report displayed
  • The name of the resource filter applied
  • The name of the events filter applied
  • Time period

Header of the events report view

Layout of an Events report view

The Events repor view fits in the Main Screen as the other views.

c.f Layout of the views

Display type of an Events report view

When an Events report view is selected, the default display is the Table display.

It is then possible to modify the display in 2 ways.

Display tab > Events report Menu

To re-edit the Events report, Click on the button.

To change the display type, choose between the suggested options: in Table, in Histograms, in Areas.

As for others views, you can print the Events report view.

cf. Printing

Favorite display

As the other views, an Events report view can be register in a Favorite display.

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