Use a Schedule View

Header of a resources view

The header of a view has several important features:

  • The name of the view
  • The name of the resources filter that is active
  • The name of the dimension (table mode only)

Tree mode

As for the Schedule view, the resources view is able to display the resources in a tree.

To do this, you must go to the menu Display > Diary > Tree mode

This mode displays the resources so as a tree: Example of a resources view in tree mode

This feature is only available in table mode.

The visualization of nodes allows to combine several resources that have the same value.

By default the number of tree level is 2, when this mode is activated.

It is possible to increase or reduce the number of levels via buttons  Padlocks, located at the bottom left of the view.

In the case of a heading with numeric type, control column or operation, the node value for this column is:

  • Display Format integer or decimal : the node is equal to the sum of its resources,
  • Display Format percentage: the node is equal to the average values ​​of its resources.

Context menu

A user can operate severals actions by context menu of a resources view.

Context menu on resource

This menu is accessible by right-clicking on a resource.

  • Modify: cf. Event
  • Modify the value: table view resources, you can change the field value for the resource that was selected
  • Changing hourly calendar: Assign or modifiy the hourly calendar
  • Changing daily calendar: Assign or modifiy the daily calendar
  • Fill free periods : for a selected period, it is possible to fill the periods without events. To do this, the following window opens:

Then, select:

  1. The period where the events should be created
  2. The events filter to launch
  3. The hierarchy describing the events to create
  4. If the creation of events should be done per free period or per unit in the free period.

Context menu on headings

This menu is accessible by right-clicking on a resource.

Context menu Table mode
Context menu Tree mode
  • Search : cf. Search
  • Go to : cf. Go to
  • Fit width : permits to adjust the width of the heading or all headings
  • Sort : cf. Sort
  • Filter the resources : cf. Ressources filter
  • Autofilters : cf. Autofilter
  • View all : it displays all the resources
  • Search for free period : cf. Free period
  • Enter a common value : give the same value in the selected heading for all resources
  • Print : cf. Print
  • Display settings : cf. Display settings

Resources view Layout

The resources view fits into the Main Screen like other views.

cf Layout of the views

Sort resources

As with others views in table mode, it allows you to sort resources with visibles columns.

cf. Sort

Resource view printing

As with others views, you can print:

  • the resources view,
  • or resources that make up the view.

cf. Print

Favorite Display

As with others views, a resources view can be stored in a favorite display.

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