Thresholds are used to associate exceeding targets or not on headings like Control columns and Operation headings.

The definition of a threshold is optional.



The properties window of headings type like Control columns and Operation headings allow to define one or more thresholds.

By clicking the right button of Thresholds definition:

The following window appears to define thresholds:

Add button permits to create different thresholds.

For each threshold it can be define:

  • A value :
  • A coefficient
  • A colour when the target is reached
  • A color when the target is exceeded
  • The box Target is checked for a selected threshold. Thus, a single threshold defines the objective to be used at a percentage display.
  • A constraint mode :
    • None
    • Warning
    • Imperative

Display remainder

The box Display remainder implies that the heading displays the difference between the target defined in the Thresholds and the value calculated by the calculation.

If no threshold is defined, this remainder is useless.

Display in percentage

The box Display in percentage implies that the heading displays the result of the division between the calculated value by the calculation and the objective defined in the Thresholds, multiplied by 100.

If no threshold is defined, this percentage is useless.



The thresholds are useful for adding color to the different views.

Thus, in a Resources view or a Schedule view, the headings with thresholds can be colored with the threshold's color.

In addition, on these views, the resource can be entirely colored with this color.

To do so, Click on the button and set the background color of the resources.

Use by other functionalities

Thresholds are used by two types of headings:

The Workloads also use the thresholds but in a simple manner.

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