Export Events Report


This functionality allows to export an Events Report from a VISUAL PLANNING planner to an external destination that may be :

  • .CSV file
  • .XLS sheet (or a tab)


Ths Events Report Export requires to create and display an Events Report View.


It is not possible to register the settings of an events report export.

This settings must be defined for each use.


Launch an events report export

To export an events report Click on the events report view then go to the Planner menu > Export block > Export events report.

The following window appears:

Then, specifiy the characteristics of the export and click on OK.

Excel file type

The files must have a *.XLS extension.

Then give:

  • The Path: Path to the destination file. If this file does not exist yet, it is created when exporting.
  • and the Sheet where the datas must be exported. If this sheet does not exist yet, it is created when exporting.
CSV file type

The file must have a *.CSV extension.

Then define:

  • The Separator of the values into the destination file. The separator can be a:
    • Semicolon,
    • Dot,
    • Blank,
    • Comma,
    • Tab.
  • The Path to the destination file. If the file does not exist yet, it is created when exporting.

Export report

When the export is done, the Export Report window appears to recapitulate what was done.

Correct export

If the export was correctly done, the following message appears:

Existing data

When the export file is a *.XLS or a *.CSV file, if the datas already exist in the file, the following message appears:


  • Click on Yes to overwrite the existing datas,
  • or click on No to modify the export settings.
Incorrect export

If the export settings were not correctly set, the following message appears:

The export will not be done until the settings are correct. Then, a window appears to notify this correct export. (cf. above)

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