Export using service

This page describes how to launch an export via service.

The parameters of the other triggers are available on the following pages:

cf. Triggers for Import/Export


A Service export allows to launch, at a defined frequency, an export of datas from VISUAL PLANNING.

This feature concerns:

With this feature, it is possible to execute regularly predefined Export contexts.

This feature runs with:

  • a *.CSV file,
  • a *.XLS file,
  • or a database.


Technical requirements

This feature is only available for VISUAL PLANNING ENTERPRISE.

Functional requirements

The service export needs:

  • To prepare the file or the database destination,
  • To define an export context.

cf. Export Resources
cf. Export Events


Service export settings

To set an export by service, go to the Global setings > Left-Click on an export context.

This context can belong to resources or events.

The lower part is then activated:

To know more about these features, go to:

Only the following features concern the automation of the context:


This checkbox enable the automation of the export of the context or not.


The triggers define:

  • the frequency of the export,
  • the destination file (if the export is made to a file).

By clicking on the button on the right , the follwing window appears:

This window defines the list of the automation services of the export context.

To add a new service export, click on the Add button.

It means that the same export context can be launched as many times as necessary.


There are three types of frequency:

  • Every day at a defined hour
  • Every X minutes
  • According to a specific day during the week (for example : on monday, on friday…)
  • If the frequency was defined as Every day, precise the hour,
  • If the frequency was defined as Every minute, precise the number of minutes.

If the import is made from a *.XLS or a *.CSV file, precise the address of the file that must be used by the service.

Unlike the path defined in the export context, the file must be accessible from the server.


The service import of datas into VISUAL PLANNING does not require any particular purpose.

The final user will not see his datas exported. The export will be done transparently.

For services to work, it is necessary to activate the following elements.

These actions must be done by the administrator:

  1. The VISUAL PLANNING server must be running.
  2. The service trigger of the import context or export context must be enabled: cf. Activated
  3. The import and export services of the planner must be activated: (Admin Center> Right-click on the planner> activate Import Service / export) cf. Management of the planners
  4. The import and export services of the application must be enabled: cf. Management of the services
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