Send resource printing by e-mail


VISUAL PLANNING allows to send a *.PDF file, in an e-mail attachment, a resource' planning, print a resource.

The addressee e-mail address can be defined in the planner in a separate heading.

The planner administrator can choose the type of e-mail sending:

  • either via a messaging software,
  • either via the SMTP server.


Technical requirements

Messaging software must be installed on the client who will send the e-mail.

This functionality was validated for:


SMTP Server

It is essential that the SMTP server is accessible from the VISUAL PLANNING server.

Cf. SMTP server technical requirements

Functional requirements

For a good use, it is useful to create, for each dimension who makes use of sending e-mails functionality:

This heading can store the date, the hour of the last email send from each resource and the login of the sender.

SMTP Server

In the SMTP case, it is necessary to define the sender e-mail address.

To do this, you need to access ADMIN CENTER, then click Users, then Right click on the user> Modify.

In the opening window, you must fill in the user E-mail address and click Validate

Cf. SMTP Server


This functionality uses the settings made for print a resource.

The settings can be saved in a favorite display and can be afterwards, modified by the users, please see VISUAL PLANNING documentation.

SMTP Server

In the SMTP case, it is necessarily to configure it.

Cf. SMTP server settings.


This functionality allows sending an e-mail with an attachment: a *.PDF file, containing the selected resource's printing.

When having a multiple resources selection, a unique *.PDF file will be send to all the selected resources. The file will contain the selected resources printing, each resource on one page.

In order to use this type of e-mail sending, you need to Right click on a resource > Send > PDF mail.

The printing configuration window opens:

The printing settings are, by default, those saved within the favorite display.

If necessarily, it is possible to change the settings, (Cf. Print a resource).

You then need to click OK.

Two cases are then possible, depending if the SMTP server is used or not:

  • If the mail sending is via a messaging software. It's the case within version ONE, ESSENTIAL and ENTERPRISE (if the SMTP server is not configured).
  • If the mail sending is via SMTP server. This only works in ENTERPRISE version and only if the SMTP server is configured.

Messaging software

Within the versions ONE, ESSENTIAL and ENTERPRISE (if the SMTP server is not configured), at each e-mail sending, the messaging software window opens in order to allow:

  • Filling in or modifying the different e-mail fields (subject, e-mail body, etc),
  • Validate the sending.

Software messaging window example:

SMTP Server

In ENTERPRISE version, if the SMTP server is configured, when sending mail from a ressouve, a mailer from VISUAL PLANNING opens automatically instead of the mailer software installed on the computer.

The sender e-mail address is that of the user, defined in the ADMIN CENTER.

Cf. Sending an email via SMTP server

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