This document is the reference manual with a description about the installation and functionalities of the module GeoLocation for VISUAL PLANNING.

Reading some chapters of this manual assumes you have a good knowledge on VISUAL PLANNING. If necessary, refer to Use chapter.


Geolocation module VISUAL PLANNING allows to:

  • Calculate and display the geographical location of a resource,
  • Show the possible paths,
  • Calculate the distances of these trips, especially during the Assignment resources to an event,

This module provides a new criterion for planning decision: distance calculation.

For example, it is now possible to find the people closest to the location of the customr location.


Technical prerequisites

The Geolocation Module was developed and validated for VISUAL PLANNING ENTERPRISE 5.2.

The following features require Internet access:

  • Calculation of GPS coordinates,
  • Visualization of locations on map,
  • Routing visualization,
  • Distance calculation between two locations.

The Geolocation Module is using to generate maps and distance information.

The use of MapQuest requires the creation of a key with MapQuest.

Creating a MapQuest key

To create a MapQuest key, go to the website:

Once on the website, in the top right corner of the main page click on the link “Create Account”.

After entering the necessary information, click on the “Create Account” button in the dialog box. You will then receive the confirmation of your account creation.

After up to an hour, an email will be sent at the address you indicated. It contains your MapQuest key (also called Open service key). You may also retrieve your key directly on the MapQuest website at :

The Mapquest key is shown in the Application Key column.

Functional prerequisites

The Geolocation Module ideally requires that a planner is configured with:


Once you are in possession of a key MapQuest, you must save it in Visual Planning to make functional the geolocation

Definition of administrators

There is no specific administrator for this module.

Rights management

The features of this module are available to all users who have rights of visibility and modification of the items used.


View location

For each dimension having at least one Geolocation heading, a new item View location appears in the Context menu :

  • of resources,
  • and context menu of events.

After selecting the item, a new window appears:

This window allows you to view the position of the resource or the selected event.

In case of multiple selection, several positions appear on the same map.

View routing

For each dimension having at least two Geolocation heading, a new item View routing appears in the Context menu of its resources.

Similarly, for each event having at least two geo-resources, the same View routing item appears in the context menu of the event.

After selecting the path, a new window appears:

This window allows you to view routing between the two selected points.

In case of multiple selection, several paths appear on the same card.


The Geolocation module allows a distance calculation with two new criteria during Assignment:

  • Computation of distances
  • Location period.

cf. Assign to the distance


Heading form of distance type allows the calculation and storage of the distance between two geo-resources present within an event

Example : Calculate the distance between the site and the client for an event.

You can then use the result in different features of VISUAL PLANNING.

cf.Distance heading

Using by other features

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