This document is the reference manual with a description of the installation and functionality of the VPPUBLIPOST module for VISUAL PLANNING.

  • Also, about VISUAL PLANNING, please refer to the manual for Use or for Administration.


VPPUBLIPOST tool allows to generate one or several documents with the format :

  • *.DOC, *.DOCX, *.PDF files. VPPUBLIPOST uses a Word model and a database with fileds linked to Visual Planning.

In this case, VPPUBLIPOST is using a Microsoft Word template and a database composed of fields (informations comes from VISUAL PLANNING)

This tool works on the same basis as the Mailings functionality on Microsoft word: With a *.DOC or *.DOCX model type document, (this model must incorporate the VPPUBLIPOST merging fields, Cf. : Settings) and a data source: one or several VISUAL PLANNING events.

  • *.PRPT if the application PENTAHO is used.

In this case, VPPUBLIPOST is managed in an external tool but still using fields coming from VISUAL PLANNING. This model allows you to customize more finely your final document.

The files are being created from one or several events. It is possible to create as many files as the amount of selected events or a single file with all the informations from the selected events.


Technical requirements

VPPUBLIPOST has been developed and validated for:

  • Microsoft Word 2003, 2007 and 2010

The tool needs the version Microsoft Word including:


Functional requirements

VPPUBLIPOST requires the definition of at least one VPPUBLIPOST model in VISUAL PLANNING.



The administrator for this functionality is the user that can customize the VPPUBLIPOST model. This administrator depends on VISUAL PLANNING version.


In ESSENTIAL version, only the administrator user can customize VPPUBLIPOST models.


In ENTERPRISE version, VISUAL PLANNING administrator (user “admin”) can customize VPPUBLIPOST models. The planner administrator(s) can also do this.

VPPUBLIPOST model creation

Before starting VPPUBLIPOST settings on VISUAL PLANNING, it is necessarily to create a WORD use model. The model must contain empty spaces that will be filled in by VISUAL PLANNING as needed.


The module settings window allows customizing VPPublipost.

For this, you must access Settings menu > Configuration bloc > Click on VPPublipost.

Click in the upper-left corner of the opening window, on Create a template VPPublipost button. The new template can also be created when performing a right click on VPPublipost template.

You can create as many Publipost templates as needed.

Once the template created, the settings section appears on the right.

It is then required to set the template's attributes:


The name of the template.


The description of the template.


Date, hour of the last modification. There is also the user who did this modification.

This field is automatically updated.

Attach the result to the heading

It allows choosing an Attachment type form heading, where the Publipost result will be stored. At each publipost action, the result is stored within this heading. If the heading permits storing more than one document, the last publipost files will be stored. The last document is on the top of the list.

Events filter

This option allows choosing an events filter for the events that will be using the Publipost template, (Cf. Use). The events which don't fulfill the condition of the filter, cannot use the template.


This fonctionnality allows to limit the data availables in the merge fields when entering values from VISUAL PLANNING.

Save directory

It could be possible to define a directory where all the publipost documents can be saved.

Attributes that define the path

This option allows defining the structure of the storing folder for the publipost files, by choosing between the different dimensions' headings (defining the path is possible only if the publipost result is stored in an attachment heading, where the Upload files box is checked).


This field allows to define the source of the publipost template , either Microsoft Word or Pentaho.

Single destination file

This functionality will generate one single WORD file, for all source data used. Meaning that, instead of generating one WORD file per each event, by checking this box, VISUAL PLANNING will generate one single document for all selected events.

Attributes that define the path

This option allows defining the structure of the storing folder for the publipost files, by choosing between the different dimensions' headings (defining the path is possible only if the publipost result is stored in an attachment heading, where the Upload files box is checked).

Save as PDF

When this box is checked, the publipost result is generated in PDF format. This functionality has only been validated for WORD 2010 and WORD 2007 with an add-on.

Word file merge template

This functionality allows to select the publipost template file via the button .

Two cases could appear here :

  • If the publipost template comes from Word you need to activate the button . This will lauch the file and allow editing the planner data, used within VPPublipost.

After defining this elements, when saving the WORD file, the following dialog box appears:

Click Yes, in order to save the data set in the file.

  • If the publipost template comes from pentaho you edit the planner data directly in the external tool.

Event's creation modification

In case that the Publipost result is stored in an Attachment type form heading, it is possible to generate it automatically by checking the box Event's creation/modification. A publipost file will be generated and stored in the Attachment type form heading for each event.


To use the mail merge, you have to right click on one or several event(s) and click on Mail merge.

Two cases exist :

  • If no model is matching with the event, you can't clicked on Mail merge.
  • If one or more models are matching with the event, you can choose among the matching models.

A message box appears. You can open or not the generated document(s).

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