This functionality exists for all events.

From the event properties window, by clicking on the resource selection button: .

The following window opens:

This window is used to select one or more resources.

To do this, the following actions are available:

  • Select a resource by clicking on it,

  • Select multiple resources using CTRL+Click (for a vertical hierarchy),

  • Reduce the number of visible resources by using a filter, taken from the resource filters for the dimension in question,

  • Display only those resources available, using an events filters, and:

    • the duration,

    • or the load.

  • Search for a resource using the identification headings for the dimension in question,

  • Add a new resource,

  • Choose to display more headings, by double clicking on the name of the dimension

Depending on user rights, certain of these actions may not prove possible.


  • When assigning a resource to multiple events, the available resources shown in this window are those available for the whole period of all selected events,

  • For a control column type heading, with the option of clicking on the date, the event’s start date is used as the pivot point for the calculation of the period.

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