This document describes the architecture of VPServer application for Visual Planning 6 Enterprise.  This document does not describe the installation procedure for VPserver. To install, please refer to the installation guide available at

VPServer is the common name of a package that contains:

  • A J2EE application server, limited to the web container, JSP container and Servlet container
  • VPlanning, the pre-deployed Visual Planning client/server application of the Visual Planning software solution.

The J2EE server used by VPServer is based on the "Jakarta Tomcat version 8.5 Embedded" engine and is packaged for a greater ease of administration. The Java Virtual Machine used by VPServer is included directly in the package. There is no interaction with any other existing JVM on the server. The Java version used is JRE 8U121.

The VPServer package was designed to ease the deployment of Visual Planning on Microsoft servers that have no available instance of a J2EE application server. However, as it is a Java web application, VPlanning may also be deployed directly on any existing J2EE application server that is running Java 1.7 or above, such as Tomcat, JBoss, Jonas, Weblogic or Websphere.

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