Event properties

Each event has a number of properties, visible on the schedule:

  • the resource onto which it is positioned, dependent on the view,
  • its start and end dates,
  • the icon representing one or more of its related resources,
  • the color representing one or more of its related resources.

Apart from these characteristics, an event may contain a number of additional properties, which can be defined as needed:


By double-clicking on an event in the schedule, it is possible to create a linked note, in free-text format (a type of “post-it” ).


If necessary, you can also define forms and link them to events.

A form is a set of fields, predefined during configuration, the contents of which are completed for each event concerned.

See Form


If required, it is possible to define valorization lines (for example: cost, labor charges, etc.).

Each valorization line can be completed, within the event, in order to provide a cumulative total and provide quantitative analyses of the work: total labor charges, costs, receipts, etc.

The valorization lines are defined during the configuration phase and are pre-completed in terms of the creative rules, before being completed from within the events.

Quantitative analyses are detailed in the control functions: totals for control, load plans, events reports.

See Valuation item

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