Each schedule must be configured prior to use.

The configuration for each schedule remains within an installation of VISUAL PLANNING. We can therefore implement a number of different configurations for a single installation.

The configuration include all functions defining the adaption of a schedule to the needs of the users. During the configuration, the primary entities, covered by the schedule, in particular those dimensions concerning Resources, are defined. These may be:

  • persons,
  • clients,
  • equipment,
  • tasks,
  • projects,
  • worksites,
  • etc.

These entities, and the headings detailing their structure, are fundamental, permanent elements of the configuration of a schedule.

Other, less fundamental elements are defined during the design of the schedule, or added at a later date:

  • Forms,
  • Valuation items,
  • Events hierarchies,
  • Rules for creation,
  • Calendars,
  • Constraints,
  • etc.

The filters, displays and favorites display are used to complete this configuration and to achieve the simplicity needed for day to day use of the tool.

These last functions are of primordial importance ads they provide a non-negligible time saving to the Schedule.

The configuration functions are grouped together under the General Parameters menu.

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