The settings of the VPGO module can be accessed from the module configuration window.

Go to Settings > Configuration pane > Click VPGO.

In the window that appears, click the Settings button at the bottom left. The following window appears:


The description is optional.

If a description is entered, it will be displayed as the global module description in VPGO.


The following VISUAL PLANNING variables can be included: $USERNAME, $USERFULLNAME, $USEREMAIL. These variables automatically insert the login, the dimension identification headings and the email address of the user who is logged in respectively.

Short description

Here you can define the wording that will appear beneath the schedule name on the VPGO home page.

Login dimension

By default, users of the VPGO module have to be declared in the VPGO module license.

However, access to the VPGO module can also be defined via a dimension of the schedule. In this case, enter the name of the dimension enabling this access here.

The following fields are then accessible:

Allowed user filter

Define the filter authorizing access to the VPGO module.

For example, an "Active User" filter only gives access to the module to users included in the filter.

Permission group heading

Choose the heading identifying each user's permission group.

This heading must be a list-type heading allowing either single or multiple choices. The different choices must be entered in the same way as the permission groups in Admin Center.

The users' permissions will then be the permissions defined for the permission group in Admin Center.

Login heading

Choose the heading that will enable the user to identify themselves (i.e. the login) on the smartphone. This heading must be a text-type heading.

Password heading

Choose the heading that will verify the user's password. This heading must be a password-type heading.

Email heading

If necessary, choose the heading for retrieving the user's email address. This heading must be a text-type heading.

User profile headings

This field enables the user's profile headings to be selected. The headings that can be selected here are the headings of the login dimension.

The selected headings can then be edited by the user once they have logged into VPGO by pressing the corresponding button.

When the mouse is positioned over each profile heading, a tooltip will present its description if it has one.

Terms of use heading

Choose the heading that will confirm whether the user has checked the terms of use. This heading must be a boolean-type heading.

Terms of use text

The text that will be displayed asking the user to accept the terms of use should be entered into this field. In VPGO, the general terms of use are always accessible by pressing the  button.

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