This type of heading is viewed like all the headings: see Heading.

Color of resources

Resources can take the colors of thresholds of a control column in the different views.

Threshold constraints

When modifying the planner’s events, the constraints of the thresholds for the total columns are verified:


  • If the heading is not persistent, the heading must be visible in the view.

  • If the heading is persistent, there is no need to display this heading for the constraint to be verified.

If the user does not comply with a warning type of constraint, the following message is displayed:

The user can then choose:

  • to respect the constraint by clicking on the No button. The modification will not take effect.

  • or not to comply with the constraint by clicking on Yes. The modification will take effect.

The Yes for all button means no constraints will be complied with if several are applied.

If the user does not comply with a forbid constraint, the following message appears:

In this case the user cannot take any action, apart from clicking on the OK button. The modification of events that generated this message does not take effect.

Inclusion in the Operation type of heading

If a Control Column type of heading is persistent, it can be used to calculated an Operation type of heading.

see Operation type heading

Display of totals in a Resources View

In a Resources View, in table mode, the totals of control column type headings can be displayed.

To do so, simply check the “Display totals” box in the window for editing view display settings.

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