Columns not permitted to be left blank

The creation of a record in a table of the database must set a value for those columns not permitted to be left blank, and for which there is no defined default value.

This is always true, therefore also in the event of a record created by an export from VISUAL PLANNING.

If these columns have no default value, the export must provide a value (choice of characteristic in the definition of the context) and each entity exported must actually have a value for the chosen characteristics. Otherwise, when exporting, you will get:

Format not accepted

When defining an export context, if the columns in the chosen table are of a format not accepted by VISUAL PLANNING, a message is added to the server log.

For example: 2012-10-09 12:31:00.821 WARNING MySQLConnection.getTables (line 330): Unknown columnname=exchange._tinyint type=TINYINT size=3

Character chain

The data provided for import, in the form of a character chain, must respect the format expected by the database (Date, Time, Number, etc.).

Format incompatible

The importation of data of a format not compatible with the destination, in VISUAL PLANNING, will lead to the addition of a message in the Server Log.

For example: 2012-10-09 14:24:59.290 SEVERE HeadingType.setValue (line 210): Bad format for heading'Entier': varchar

Tips for data imports

The importation of data exported from Visual Planning is operational. Do not hesitate in using it to discover the data formats when using a Text-type column.

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