The filters, defined in accordance with your criteria, are called up by a single click: you can therefore research the resources with the characteristics and availability for the required task.

You can also valorize the tasks using multiple criteria of choice, calculate, in real time, costs, income and labor costs, in order to control budgets, invoicing elements, time spent, vacation time, weekly working time, etc.

The analysis functions can be used to display all sorts of cross table, analyzing the activities, then printing them out and making the most of these tables.

Indicators (control totals) displayed on the schedule, allowing you to measure, instantaneously, the consequence of your schedule.

A schedule for each resource is also available with a single click:

For example, if you schedule the assignment of personnel to a worksite, you can simultaneously show the scheduling for the personnel and the progress of the worksite.

Links between events and constraints increase the power and operational safety of VISUAL PLANNING.

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