The display heading settings are configured in each dimension.

The display headings are used in several situations:

Event properties

In an event’s editing window, the resources are visible in the Resources block.

Each resource is represented by:

  • an icon,

  • a color,

  • a text, corresponding to the identification headings.

Resource type headings

Table mode

In a schedule view or resources view in table mode, the resource type headings show the “dependent” resources, by means of their display headings.

The display headings all appear in the resource type heading. These display headings are therefore separated by one or more characters, called separators.

Choosing a dependent resource

In a resource’s editing window, the “dependent” resources are easy to view.

When the “dependent” resource is changed, a window opens on a table which by default contains the display headings of the dimension in columns.

Assigning a resource to an event

You can assign a resource to an event by right-clicking on the event > Assign.

The window that opens contains the display headings by default.

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