The configuration involves initializing the duration of an event.

Creation rules

The creation rules are used as the origin of the event duration.

This property is managed by the duration, by default, of the creation rules, which may be:

  • Either undefined,

  • Or based on a heading,

  • Or a fixed value,

  • Or the result of an operation involving two headings,

  • Or, based upon the resource calendar.

The creation rules also determine whether the event is worked or not. This is a critical factor in understanding the date/time of the end of the event, as a function of its duration, or, on the other hand, to understand the duration of an event as a function of its end date/time (For Events Imports).


The hourly and daily calendars are another determining parameter for the duration of an event, if it is worked.

In fact, the periods marked as not worked in the hourly and daily calendars are not included in the duration of an event said to be worked.


The event follows a daily calendar, with Saturdays and Sundays not worked.

This event starts on Friday and ends on Monday. Its duration will be:

  • Event worked: 2 Days,

  • Event not worked: 4 Days.

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