The display settings are displayed automatically when a view is created.

There are several ways to access a view’s Display Settings:

  • Go to General settings > Click on Predefined views > Choose the view > Display settings

  • Go to Display > Click on Display Settings

  • Click on the button in the view header.

In all cases, a window appears.

Now modify the settings and click on the Validate button.

The window only has one tab: Map tab.

Map tab

Routing dimension

Choose the dimension that will be used for sorting and to group the routings according to the resource of this dimension.


Choose the heading to use for computing geolocation.

HTML information

Use this box to determine how information about events are displayed in the right-hand part of the view.

Right-clicking brings up an HTML editor.

This enables you to create your own visuals for events in the view:

  • By entering formatted or unformatted text,

  • By inserting images, tables and event attributes.

Display the routing

Check this box to display the routing between events.

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