After having configured the context it should be run.

There are a number of types of trigger:

  • Manual export,

  • Export by service,

  • Automatic export,

  • Export by URL,

  • Import/Export chain,

  • Import of an export and export of an import.

See Import/Export triggers

Event markings

In the event that the context used includes processing markers, the log and context name are saved within the event exported:

  • in a heading of the form named VPEXPORT, if this exists. (See Functional pre-requisites above)

  • in the events note if this heading does not exist.

Export to multiple imports

It is possible to define, from within the path of an export context, multiple imports. This allows the user to feed multiple imports from a single export.

To do this, you must define, within the export path, the imports that this export is to provide data, separated by a semi-colon.

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