Storage is configured in the Admin center. Choose "Storage Configuration" in the task bar and choose your storage space.


Click on Storage Configuration "File system.

Type in the storage path for your files on the VISUAL PLANNING server.


To open your DropBox account, you must first have an e-mail address.


To register, go to

You can register with a Google account (GMAIL) or any other account.

  • For a Google account (GMAIL), choose "Register free with Google"
  • For any other type of account, fill in the data input fields on the page (First name / Last name / E-mail / Password), check the box to accept the conditions of use and register.

Downloading DropBox (optional step)

The following page appears:

Downloading of DropBox is optional. It will only be useful if you want to synchronize the content of DropBox with a local directory.

You can then continue or exit.

In either case, registration is now complete.

Creating an application

Type in the following URL:

Click on Send e-mail for verification to verify your e-mail address and finalize registration.

In the e-mail you received, click on Validate your e-mail address.

The following page appears:

Choose an API.

Choose how the application has access to DropBox.

Give the application a name (e.g. STILOG).

Accept the conditions.

Then click on:

Generate the Access Token

Once the application is created the following page appears.

In the Generate Access Token heading, click on Generate.

The generated key looks like this:


This key must be kept in a safe place.

Enable the storage space in VISUAL PLANNING

Log into the Admin Center and click on Storage configuration "DropBox.

Do a copy/paste of the Access Token obtained in the previous step.


To open your Google Drive account, you must first have a Google address (GMAIL).

Logging into a Google account (GMAIL)

Log into a Google account (GMAIL).

Creating an application

Type in the following URL:

The project creation page is displayed. Click on Create a project:

Click on Create.

Type in a project name, modify the ID and then click on Create.

Creating a project and a key

The following window opens and the project name is displayed top left.

In the API and services menu, choose IDs.

Click on Select, find the project and click on it.

The following window opens. Click on the OAuth authorization screen tab, enter a Product name (unrestricted text) and click on Save.

The "IDs" tab appears. Click on Create IDs then OAuth client ID

Choose Other, give the client ID a name (unrestricted text), click on Create then OK to display the page of IDs.

Click on the button download icon to download the ".json" file.

The file is download in the downloads directory associated with the browser.


Save this file in a safe place.

Enable the API

Click on Library.

In the search bar, type in Drive then click on Google Drive API.

Enable the API by clicking on Enable.

Enable the storage space in VISUAL PLANNING

Log into the Admin Center and click on Storage configuration "DropBox.

Copy/paste the content of the "json" file obtained in step 3.

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