VISUAL PLANNING's default configuration stores all files from attachment headings in "file downloading" in the "documents" directory of the VISUAL PLANNING server.

However the storage space for these files can be personalized. They can be stored either:

  • On the VISUAL PLANNING server in another directory, or
  • On a DropBox, or
  • On a Google Drive.

It is not possible to configure several different storage spaces according to the attachment heading. This is because all the "in file downloading" attachment headings will store the files they contain in the same storage space.


If you have already used your attachment headings to store files on the VISUAL PLANNING server, these files will not be automatically transferred to your new storage space. The administrator must transfer the files manually from one space to another so that the user can access them. Any files that have not been transferred to the new storage space will not be accessible for users of the planner.


This functionality is only available with VISUAL PLANNING ENTREPRISE.

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