When the user is connected to the planner, if a forum is enabled and the user is granted the rights, they can view it in a “Resources” or “Schedule” view:

  • by editing a resource and then click on the Forum tab,

  • By right-clicking on a display of resources in order to obtain the Pop-up Menu and selecting Forum

The Forum is then displayed.

Entering a text message

It is possible to enter an unrestricted text message from the forum. To do so, go to the writing window, enter your text and validate by clicking on the Add button.

Deleting a text message

It is possible to delete a message from the forum if the forum was created by the logged in user.

To do so, select the text to delete and click on the Delete button.

  • This deletion action is irreversible;

  • The administrator can delete all the messages in the Forum.

Forum history

The forum history is deleted when the resource is deleted.

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