Technical prerequisites

Some of these functionalities require Internet access:

  • Calculation of GPS coordinates,

  • View of positions,

  • View of routings,

  • Calculation of distances.

The GEOLOCATION module can be used with Google Maps or HereWeGo.

In order to use either of those properties, you must obtain an API key.


For each provider, please refer to the following links to learn more about maximum number of requests and plans limits:

Functional pre-requisites

The GEOLOCATION module requires:

  • The presence of at least two Geolocation type headings in one or more dimensions,

  • and possibly the presence of at least one Distance type heading in a form.

Creating a key for Google Maps

In order to use the Google Maps API you must create a “key”. To do that, you must have a Google account.

Once you have a Google account, log into the following address:

Now type in your IDs, then click on Select a project to display the following window.

Create a new project by clicking on this button . Now enter the name of your project in the window that displays. Click on Create to create the project.

To go to your new project click on the link that is displayed in the previous project selection window.

Once you have chosen your project, create an API key by clicking on "Access the API preview":

Click on IDs to create an ID. This identifier is mandatory in order to access the APIs.

Now click on Create IDs> API key.


Copy the key and paste it for the next steps.

Once they key is generated, go back to the "Dashboard" or "Library” menu to enable the following APIs:

  • Google Maps JavaScript API,

  • Google Maps Geocoding API,

  • Google Maps Distance Matrix API,

  • Google Maps Directions API.

To do this go to the following interface:

Find the APIs above, click on each API and enable it:

Creating a key for HereWeGo

In order to use the HereWeGo API you must create a “key”. To do that, you must have a HereWeGo account. To create an account, go to the following page:

Click on the Get Started for Free button.

The following window will show. Fill in the form to register a new account.

Once your account is created, click on the menu located in the top right corner, next to your username. The following window will show:

Click on Projects to display the next window. Click on Select a plan for a new project.

Click on the Sign Up button for the FREMIUM plan.

Follow the instructions displayed. Once you reach the window below, click on the Generate App ID and App Code button from the JavaScript/REST menu to generate the API keys.

Two keys are generated: an App ID and an App Code.


Copy both keys and keep them at hand for next steps.

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