Assigning an hourly calendar to a dimension

Each dimension has a default hourly calendar.

This calendar applies to all the dimension’s resources if no other calendar is defined.

To assign this calendar, you must access the dimension’s settings.

Assigning an hourly calendar to a resource

Each resource has a default hourly calendar,

corresponding to the dimension the resource belongs to by default.

However you can choose a different calendar for each resource. So you can modify this calendar for a given resource.

There are several ways to do this:

  • Drag’n’Drop,
  • Using the resource properties window,
  • Using the resource’s pop-up menu.

Assigning an hourly calendar to a creation rule

Each event follows the hourly calendar of one of its resources.

In this way the event’s creation rule enables you to determine the dimension (and therefore the resource) that shows the hourly calendar.

The resources of the chosen dimension will define the event’s hourly calendar, even if the resource is changed.

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