A resource may or may not have an icon, depending on the configuration of its dimension.

When configuring each dimension, you must define the type of icon it uses.

The following options are available:

  • None: none of the dimension’s resources has an icon.

  • Icon: the dimension’s resources will all have an icon which you can choose from the icon album. Each resource can have a different icon.

  • Heading: in this case, the dimension’s resources will have an icon generated automatically by part of the content of one of the dimension’s headings.

Predefined icons

There is a list of predefined icons in VISUAL PLANNING. It appears when you want to choose or edit a resource’s icon.

You can decide whether or not each dimension’s resources use icons.

To do so, go to the General Settings pane > Dimension > Icon

Then choose the Icon value in the list.

The icon album opens to enable you to choose a default icon.

Icon generated by a heading

You can use an existing heading to create an icon.

To do so, go to the General Settings pane > Dimension > Icon

Then choose Heading in the pull-down list.

The following window appears:

Specify this icon’s characteristics, then click on OK.

These characteristics are as follows:

Background color

Choose the diary background color.

If nothing is entered, the background color will be transparent.

Font color

Choose the icon font color.


Choose a heading the first characters of which will be used to generate the icon.

In the case of a resource type heading, the icon is that of the “dependent” resource.

Number of characters

Choose the number of characters making it possible to generate the icon.

This number can be 1, 2, 4 or 6.

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