• using the complete vp6enterprise package,
  • using an existing J2EE server.

Installing with the complete package

Start by executing the package vp6enterprise.exe.

The following window appears:

Click Next to continue.

The following window displays the license contract.

Read the terms of use of the license carefully. The installation procedure will be interrupted if you refuse the terms of use.

Click Next to continue.

It is preferable to use the installation path proposed by default, especially if you are using Microsoft Windows 7, 8 or 2008. If you have to change the directory, please keep the directory name “VPServer Enterprise 6”.

Click Next to continue.

If the information in this window is not correct, click “Back” to change it.

Click Next to continue.

The installer then tries to check whether there is already a web service installed on the server (use of port 80).

If there is, the following window appears.

If port 81 is already used, enter another port (e.g., 82), etc.

This window only closes if the proposed port N° is not already used by another application.

Click Next to continue.

Then, specify whether there is already an installation of VISUAL PLANNING on the server.

If this is not the case, select No, then Next.

If there is already an installation, select Yes and click Next.

In this case, enter the location of this installation and click Next.

In both cases, the following window opens:

Click Finish to complete the installation.

To configure and activate the application, go to Start > All programs > VPServer Enterprise 6.

Click VP Application Portal to open the configuration page.

Installing on an existing J2EE application server

The software is installed by deploying the vplanning.war file that you can request by sending an e-mail to .

The deployment procedure described below is for the Java Tomcat 5.2 application server.

If other servers, such as JBoss or JOnAS are used, refer to their user manual for the installation of the WAR file.

First, go to the Tomcat server portal.

Click on Tomcat Manager.


  • go to the WAR file to deploy section,
  • select the file vplanning.war,
  • then click Deploy to start the deployment.

Once the deployment is confirmed as deployed, open your web browser and enter the address:


where VP_server is the DNS name of the server machine and 808 is the port used by the Tomcat J2EE server.

These settings must be adjusted to the installation.

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