Changing a license


Any modifications to licenses can lead to malfunctions.

We strongly advise you to contact STILOG I.S.T. technical support if these types of manipulations are necessary.

The only recommended modifications are:

  • Adding a description to the license,
  • Assigning users to the license.

We strongly advise you not to make any other modifications without the help of STILOG I.S.T. technical support.

Adding a description to a license

It is recommended to add a description to each of the existing licenses in order to identify them with certainty.

Assigning users to a license

To assign users to one of the licenses, choose the license users in the right-hand part and drag them to the left-hand part via the arrows.

If the number of authorized users has been exceeded, the arrows are grayed out.


You can also manage assignment of users to licenses via user management.

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