A print view command may or may not be configured. For optimized use, it is recommended that each print is created along with a print context.

Page layout

Before creating a print context, you must define the default page layout.

To do this use the menu Planning > Printing and click on Page Layout.

The following window opens:

Define the page layout characteristics.

To optimize the operation, ideally you should save the configuration to a favorite display.

Then click on OK to validate the page layout.


It is possible to view a preview of a future print job by clicking on Planning > Print, then clicking on Preview.

The Preview window appears. This window may differ in appearance.

Modify the print parameters if necessary and click on Validate to display the preview.

The buttons to the top left of the screen allow the user to:

  • Start the print job,
  • Zoom in,
  • Zoom out,
  • Change the magnification level,
  • Quit the preview.
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