Assign to a resource

You can assign a resource to another “dependent” resource.

To do so, Right-click on the resource > Modify > Choose the dependent resource to associate by clicking on this button if the dimension is “dependent”, or by selecting one of the values in the list if the dimension is loaded at opening.

Associate to events

Check the Associate to events box to associate the “dependent” resource to the resource’s events.

Any event created on this resource will also show the “dependent” resource.

An event can only have a maximum of one resource from the same dimension.


Therefore it is strongly recommended that each dimension should define the resource type of headings by pointing to separate “dependent” dimensions.

In addition, when configuring you must check that one of the hierarchies allows this association.

Resource modification

If the Associate to events box is checked when modifying a “dependent” resource, the following message appears:

Determine whether the update of events should also be performed.

There are three possible options:

  • Yes for all All the events are modified to affect the modification of the resource,

  • Yes from...: All events starting from a specific date are modified,

  • No: Modification of the resource does not affect the events already created.

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