“Search” function

The search for resources or events can be accessed by:

  • a simple right click on a heading or attribute > Search,

  • a right click on the header of the view > Search,

  • or, directly using the Search button in the resource selection window.

The following window appears:

Then choose the different request characteristics, then click on the button:

  • Press Apply to start the search, then repeat the search again straight afterwards,

  • Validate to start the research but close the window.


This list shows all the headings for the dimension the search can be carried out using.


Select a condition from the list of possibilities, depending on the type of heading:

  • equal to,

  • not equal to,

  • contains,

  • doesn't contain,

  • starts with,

  • doesn't start with,

  • ends with,

  • doesn't end with,

  • greater than,

  • less than,

  • greater than or equal to,

  • less than or equal to,

  • is included in,

  • is not included in.


Enter the value for the search from the same type of heading.

In addition, there are two options:

Add to visible results

If this box is checked, the resources found are added to the list of already displayed resources.

Search visible results only

If this box is checked, the resources found are chosen from the previously displayed resources. Those not already displayed remain excluded.

Quick, “full text” search

It is possible to carry out searches directly on all displayed elements in a tabular view (resource or events views).

To do so:

  • either click on the magnifying glass at the top of the view, and enter the characters you wish to search for in the window that appears,
  • or, use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+F to show the search window in the top right of the screen.

The search takes into account the elements contained within the view.


The “full text” search function cannot be used on a Planning View.

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