Selecting a resource

The selection of a resource involves simply clicking on it.

Selecting multiple resources

It may be useful to be able to select multiple resources, in order to be able to then apply a common processing: move them, delete them, modify their properties, etc.

There are various methods available to select multiple resources. They can be combined together.

CTRL + left click

The simplest method is to left click in order to select the first resource, then clicking on the following resources whilst holding the CTRL button on the keyboard down.

Ctrl + A

It is possible to select all resources visible on a display.

This view may be:

  • a Planning View,

  • or, a Resources View.

To do this, simply select, within this view, the section that contains the resources and press Ctrl + A.

Using filters to make a selection

To modify or delete all resources with a certain characteristic, simply apply a filter displaying only these resources before selecting them all and applying the modification.

Those resources not displayed using the filter are saved from the operation.

Resource selection window

See Assignment

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