The backup service performs daily automatic backups of the planner in .VPS format.

To do this:

  • In the Admin Center, you must:
    • Start the "Backup" service,
    • Enable 'Automatic backup' on the relevant planner.

To modify the service characteristics, right-click on Backup > Modify.

The following window opens:


This is the name of the service. This data cannot be modified.


Give the service a description. The description is optional.

Automatic start

Use this checkbox to automatically start the service each time the VISUAL PLANNING application server starts.

Backup directory

If no path is specified, the backup directory is the backup directory in VISUAL PLANNING's installation directory at webapps/vplanning.

This directory can be modified. To do so, type in the access path for the new directory. This directory must be accessible for the server.

Start time

Define the backup start time.

Number of days archived

Here, you define the number of backup days to keep in the backup directory.

Sending mail

Use this checkbox to send an e-mail when the backup has finished.

The e-mail will indicate whether or not the backup was successful. If a backup was not successful, the name of the planners for which the backup was not performed correctly will be indicated in the e-mail.


The e-mail will be sent provided the smtp settings in the automatic e-mail sending module are provided and correct.


Indicate the sender's e-mail address.


Indicate the e-mail address of the recipient(s), separated if necessary by semi-colons.

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