The Smart Toolbar has the following buttons:


To open a planner.


This button is used to refresh the display according to the various modifications made by other users.

This time limit can be:

  • 1 minute,

  • 2 minutes,

  • 5 minutes,

  • 10 minutes,

  • 15 minutes,

  • 30 minutes,

  • 1 hour.

Undo / Redo

These buttons are used to undo and redomodifications made by the user during a VISUAL PLANNING session.

Favorite displays

This button provides access in a single click to all the favorite displays the user is entitled to see.


  • Print,
  • Preview,
  • PDF,
  • Page layout.

See Printing

Import / Export


This button is only shown if an import or export context is defined in the planner.

  • Exports resources,
  • Exports events,
  • Imports resources,
  • Imports Events.

Global Settings

Use this button to display the different elements that structure a planner architecture.


This list is limited to the rights and permissions assigned to the logged in user.

See Global Settings

Resource filters


The filters available here are those the logged in user is allowed to see.

  • Filters of the Dimension’s resources,
  • Automatic filters,
  • View all.

Events filters


The filters available here are those the logged in user is allowed to see.

  • Events filters,
  • Resource filters,
  • View all.



You can choose the language VISUAL PLANNING uses on the client workstation.

The choices are:

  • Default,
  • Français,
  • English-US,
  • English-UK,
  • Deutsch,
  • Español,
  • Italiano.

You must restart VISUAL PLANNING for the change to take effect.


Use this functionality to change the logged in user’s password.

When you select Change password, the following window appears:


This button displays all the VPWhatsUP discussions that have been created.


Use this menu to access the help options in VISUAL PLANNING:

  • Visual Planning help,
  • Online support,
  • About Visual Planning,
  • Give your opinion.


This is calculated according to the client workstation’s local (IP) address.

When the cursor is positioned on the city, it shows 4 consecutive days.


You can modify the city by double-clicking on the displayed city. A window then opens to indicate a new location.

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