Technical prerequisites

The SEND SMS module has been validated for the VISUAL PLANNING ENTERPRISE version.

This module requires:

  • an Internet connection,

  • registration with our partner ESENDEX.

In addition, the “MAIL to SMS” functionality (Situation 2 below) enables you to send SMSs automatically via the Send Mail functionality. To use this functionality you must first set up the SMTP server for the Send Mail module.


To use a different supplier for the MAIL TO SMS service, please contact our technical department at

Functional pre-requisites

This module requires a text heading containing the recipient’s phone number, or a concatenation of the phone number and the suffix making it possible to use Mail to SMS.

For optimum use, we recommend you use a Text or Multi-line Text type of form heading called VPSMS in order to store the sending date and the sender’s login, instead of the event note.

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