Data sorting in table mode

This functionality involves:

The sorting is alphabetical for text and in increasing order for numerical data.

For a single choice list, the sorting order is based upon the order the values are defined using. (See Sorting elements in a list)

In this case, the sorting of the table can be seen using the small symbol: which represents sorting using the heading with this symbol.

This type of sort is carried out on the heading with the symbol, then in the event of two identical items, the sorting is based upon the heading to the right, and so on.

We can therefore sort using all persistent headings visible on the table, as well as with calendars and creation rules.

It should be noted that the order of headings is very important to the sort results.

The reversed symbol signifies an reverse order alphabetical sort for text, with decreasing numbers for a numerical sort.

To sort, either:

  • Right click on a column heading > Sort,

  • Double click on the right hand side of the column heading.


A sorting operation of this type can be saved to a favorite display.

Sorting elements in a list

For headings configured as a single or multiple choice list, when defining calendars or, in general, during the configuration of VISUAL PLANNING, you can apply a manual sorting to elements in a list using the following blue arrows:

It is also sometimes possible to automatically sort elements in a list using a Sort button.

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