Drag and Drop

Shifting graphical objects around the schedule can be done by dragging them around with the mouse (press left hand button to pick up, release to drop)

Example: Create an event, move it, extend it.

See Shifting

Right click

The right hand button on the mouse is exclusively used to display context sensitive pop-up menus.

It can be used on:

  • objects (an event or resource),
  • an empty zone on the schedule,
  • the header of a date column.

See Pop-up menu

Left click

The left hand button on the mouse is used for all other functions:

  • Selecting an object,
  • Validating an action,
  • Running a functionality,
  • Moving a graphical element.

Furthermore, VISUAL PLANNING documentation uses the term “click” , without further information, for the description of a “left click”.

See Selection

Double click

The double click is used to give rapid access to certain functionalities.

The majority of the time there is a contextual pop-up menu available for this function.


One exception to this rule: there is no alternative to a double click on the title bar of the Schedule view.

Keyboard-mouse combinations

  • Ctrl + left click: select multiple objects of the same type (resources, events, items in a list, etc.),
  • Shift + left click: select a range or a rectangular zone from a previously selected object (this selection is propagated horizontally, vertically or at an angle, if involving events),
  • Shift + drag an event: duplicates an event and drop the copy as required on the schedule; the initial event remains in its original position,
  • Alt + drag one event onto another: do not move the event, rather create a link between the original event and the event identified by releasing the mouse button,
  • Ctrl + Drag/Drop a resource onto an event, based upon the hierarchy of events: either assign the resource to the event, or replace the resources assigned with a selected resource, or even create a subsidiary event,
  • Ctrl + C: Copy a selection,
  • Ctrl + X: Cut a selection,
  • Ctrl + V: Paste a selection,
  • Ctrl + A: Select all events or resources on the display,
  • Ctrl + E: Open the properties of the selected resources or events,
  • Ctrl + R: Open the edit window to add a new resource,
  • Shift + Del: Delete a selection without a warning message,
  • Shift + Insert: Paste a selection into a drop-down list,
  • Ctrl + Space on a text section: Used to display the list of existing values for the section,
  • Two, slow, left clicks on a section of text, multi-line, Boolean, numerical, date/time, barcode, password: used to directly modify the value of a section,
  • Alt + Right and Alt + Left or Alt + Scroll wheel on a Schedule view header: modifies the width of columns in the display, without modifying the time scale,
  • Ctrl + Scroll wheel on a Schedule View header: modify the time scale of the display,
  • F5: Refreshes the display,
  • Left and right hand keyboard arrows: Scroll through the schedules and resources to the left or right,
  • Ctrl + Drag and Drop a resource onto the schedule for another resource: copy and paste all events from the first resource onto the schedule for the second,
  • Ctrl + S: Save current favorite display,
  • Ctrl + Shift + S: Save a new favorite display.
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