Vertical repeating of events

In a planning view it is possible to repeat, to other visible resources, a selection of one or more events.

To do this, right click on a selection of events > Repeat > Vertically.

The following window opens:

Repeating group

It is possible to create a repeating group for newly created events.

This functionality allows the user to assign a “grouped” attribute to all events created within this repetition.

From this moment onwards, when editing an event belonging to such a group, a dialogue box asks the logged on user whether the edit should be applied to the selected event only or to all events in the group.

In any case where all events are modified, the edit field for the resource and principal dimension is deleted from the dialogue box. During validation, all modifications are then propagated to all events within the group.


Modifications to the duration of an event, using the drag and drop method, then modifies all events in the repeating group.


An event belonging to a repeating group cannot be cut, compressed, divided nor repeated.

Repeating a note, a formula, valuation items

It is also possible to choose several characteristics which cannot be repeated in newly created events.

These characteristics are:

  • The note,

  • the formula,

  • the valuation items.

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